Dark chocolate, espresso, café latte

Dark chocolate, coffee pairing

There is nothing like having a piece of wonderful dark chocolate when drinking a delicious coffee, espresso or Café Latte. Giuseppe Verdi stated: "Coffee is balm to the heart and spirit". As a matter of fact, in Italy and in France, chocolate is often served alongside your order of coffee. It is simply a part of our coffee experience and culture. Chocolates and more specifically chocolates with nuts (like praline or Gianduja) accompany our life in numerous ways from childhood to old age. With the different flavors and textures of HNINA's truffles your coffee will never taste the same. Whatever the aromas your favorite coffee contains; rich, full bodied, mouth-filling body, delicate floral, creamy buttery, caramel, toasted nut, single or combined origins, dark roast or medium roast, and level of acidity, there will be a HNINA truffle to pair with its flavors.

You may begin craving HNINA's truffles together with your coffee. There is no downside because this treat is loaded with healthy unprocessed raw ingredients full of antioxidants and nutrients.