At HNINA we use 100% raw organic natural and unprocessed ingredients originating from local organic farms and the world's best source of sustainable pure cacao. The quality of each ingredient is the reason for the taste, healthy properties and overall quality of the finished product.

We tolerate no GMOs or pesticides; we use no sugar, soy lecithin or dairy, no colorant or preservatives, no palm oil, vegetable oil, high fructose syrup or corn syrup, all of which are generally present in the most popular, even high end chocolates.

Prior to making our paste (the praline), the nuts and seeds are soaked and sprouted, then lightly roasted to release their aromas. We strive to preserve the living enzymes in each component of our chocolates.

We determine our nuts and seeds combinations based on taste, nutritional value, PH (alkaline vs. acidic) and protein content.

All this attention to quality is why our chocolates are so healthy and easy to digest.

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No sugar soy lecithin, colorant, preservatives, palm or vegetable oil, high fructose corn syrup