Chocolate pairing principles

At HNINA, our universe is comprised of inspirations and emotions that are derived from simple yet pure aromatic associations. Each one of them reflects a smell, a taste, a texture from our childhood or other life experience that makes us feel good. Our chocolate will bring you back to those fond memories.

The pairings that we are proposing are based on the following principles:

1. Combining the flavors of our chocolate truffles with some of our favorite drinks. Flavors refer to aromas coming from natural compounds such as vanilla which your brain registers as a scent when you eat. It is more specifically a combination of taste plus smell or "retronasal olfaction". This feeling is subjective to each person.

2. Trying to find the perfect taste or "biochemistry" for our palate. Taste refers to our taste buds and is sensed by sweet, salty, bitter, sour, fat and umami (earthy like mushrooms). It is quantifiable.

3. Health benefits and antioxidant blends. Our chocolate collection of seven different delicious combinations of nuts and seeds will provide you with a varied experience of unique flavors, taste, smell, textures and aromas. Pairing them with your favorite drinks will enhance the experience and provide endless combinations of objective and subjective sensory delight.

Smell, taste, texture